Our mission is to carry forward the philanthropic legacy of the Wadia family and deliver world-class treatments in Paediatrics care at affordable costs.


Our vision is to provide top of the line affordable healthcare services at par with international standards through preventive, curative, intensive and rehabilitative methods as well as spreading awareness about the same through imparting quality health education. It is also our endeavour, as a teaching institute, to provide quality education to aspiring doctors.

Core Values

We believe our team can make a huge impact on the lives of our patients and caregivers by adopting a compassionate and positive attitude. We are committed to working together to embed a culture and an environment that encourages the following values:

• Patients First
Our patients are the centre of everything we do. Our foremost priority is to ensure that our trained professionals meet the needs and expectations of every patient by adopting a ‘Patients First’ approach. It is our duty to ensure patient safety and quality treatment for every patient

• Integrity
We pride ourselves in being ethical and responsible in our thoughts and actions. We appreciate and encourage openness, honesty and accountability in every interaction with our patients, caregivers as well as co-workers.

• Excellence
Together as a team we strive to provide the best quality healthcare for our patients and are devoted to continuously improve our methods and embrace best practices.

• Teamwork
We encourage and highly value teamwork across the organization to ensure that each member contributes and adds value to the environment and services provided by the hospital.

• Caring
At the Wadia Hospital, we treat those we serve as well as each other with love, compassion and kindness thus creating an atmosphere within the organization that promotes and instils these values.