The hospital has a top of the line Operation Theatre and a ward for children with burns or those requiring plastic surgery. The hospital has developed an innovative method to offer low-cost, effective postoperative care. Convalescing children are applied with potato peel dressings and are fed a special diet of banana curd, which helps the healing process. Such a low cost and effective therapy has been acclaimed and practiced by other centres in the country.

Paediatric Plastic surgeons provide pre and postoperative care to children with a range of problems from complicated craniofacial defects to hand surgeries to vascular malformations such as:

- Breathing and other respiratory disorders
- Cleft lip and palate
- Congenital nevi
- Congenital ear abnormalities
- Craniofacial abnormalities
- Extremity reconstruction
- Surgical management of traumatic injuries
- Trunk reconstruction
- Vascular malformations