The Hospital offers specialised services for children suffering from liver diseases. Though only few liver diseases can be cured as of now, many can be prevented with early diagnosis and proper management. It is a multidisciplinary clinic run by liver specialists, hepatologists and hepatic surgeons with collaboration from genetists, histopathologists, laboratory and imaging specialists.

The department treats diseases involving the liver and the biliary system such as :

- Genetic/metabolic disease
- Biliary atresia
- Choledochal cysts
- Gallstones
- Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction
- Infectious hepatitis
- Autoimmune hepatitis
- Neonatal jaundice
- Primary sclerosing cholangitis
- Cirrhosis
- Hepatic masses
- Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
- Storage diseases
- Cystic fibrosis
- Mitochondrial hepatopathy
- Liver failure
- Toxin induced hepatitis/failure
- Acute and chronic pancreatitis
- Pancreatic cysts and tumours
- Cystic fibrosis