Paediatric Orthopaedics

The Paediatric Orthopaedics Department at BJWHC treats more than 400 patients a month. Orthopaedic surgeons treat disorders of bone, joint, spine and limb development in children as well as emergencies such as Septic Arthritis and Fractures. Besides managing general orthopaedic problems in children, the department also has experts in the field of Paediatric spine diseases and Paediatric bone cancers. Such super specialised services dedicated to children are scarce and are a boon to underprivileged patients.

The well-equipped department is capable of successfully handling a wide range of complex and high-risk surgeries, such as:

- CDH –open reduction internal fixation
- Perthes’ VDRO
- Other ORIF SCFE-open reduction and osteotomy
- Tendon transfers
- Faciotomy and SEMLS (Single Event Multilevel Surgery)
- Ilizarov Hip reconstruction
- Ender’s Nailing Cheilectomy
- Acetabular procedures
- Cong Pseudarthrosis of Tibia Sprengel’s Scapuloplasty
- T A release
- JESS fixators
- Syndactyly
- Polydactyly
- Camptodactyly release
- Corrective osteotomies for genu varum valgum
- Arthrograms
- Tumour excision
- Torticollis release
- Centralisation for radial club had
- Quadriceps plasty
- Bone grafting