Sir Cusrow Wadia (1869 – 1950)
The oldest of Bai Jerbai and Nowrosjee Wadia’s 3 sons, Sir Cusrow Wadia, succeeded his father and became the custodian of not only his businesses but also the legacy of Philanthropy his parents left him.

After his father, he worked towards expanding the family businesses. Taking over as the eldest son and with the help of his brother Sir Ness Wadia, Sir Cusrow led the Bombay Dyeing and Manufacturing Company to becoming the largest textile operations in India.

Christened as a “Chronic Philanthropist” Sir Cusrow’s support extended to various fields. From providing interest-free loans to the Royal Western Indian Turf Club to jointly providing for the Wadia College, Pune along with Sir Ness, to contributions to Indian agriculture, to name a few.